“Sometimes, when I look at the world, I see it through the various artists I have become. Becoming them is like the final embodiment; they are my spiritual family…”
–Gillian Wearing

How should I begin my manifesto? mmmm… my being rambles about loving Julien Rosefeldt’s Manifesto! I am mostly a grappler wanting to party on through the grayscales of my consciousness and unconsciousness craziness.

As an artist, one of my primary explorations has been experienced as a carnival of mirrors on the meaning, play, and significance of photographic self-portraiture ranging through the intertwined path of gradations from the serious to the playful—both historical and contemporary.

A NEWSFLASH from the late 1800s read “THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTE REALITIES”! More than a century later, folks around me were still STUNNED by this news. Subsequently, I too have been dealing with my existence preceding its essence. I live in space where images, like language, fabricate realities nonstop, including how I construct my very identity and personality. And yet everything I experience outside myself takes shape through the filter of my internal lens. It is the dance between my inner narratives and the external productions of the OTHER that gives rise to my unique voice.