It has been said that the “I” in self-portraiture is truly comprehending other. This project was a long sought after cathartic opportunity to explore the construction of the other of my own photographer identity. This is done using the vehicle of appropriated self-portraits of other photographers. The deconstruction and construction of these self-portraits as my own self-portraits challenges the notion of a unique identity or style that is not derived from others including the other of the self. Overall, the intent is to create an introspective dialog with the viewer regarding the dynamic nature of simulacra within identity, including seeing both the real and unreal simultaneously.

The images were constructed by fastidiously recreating the scene of the original self-portrait using costume, props and background. I then used my trusty Toyo 4×5 camera with Kodak TMAX 100 film, and printed the images on acrylic to underscore the reflective, constructed and fabricated nature of my project.