idea foundation

  1. take small steps, but take those steps, everyday
  2. accept mistakes and welcome mistakes – in life you have an exam first, then you learn the lesson
  3. apply discipline – it is the empowering enabler to develop the idea
  4. focus more on the journey more than the destination it is the ever changing seed for the idea
  5. focus on the present (where the journey is taking place)
  6. do with passion, heart and determination and without procrastination. beware of dullness
  7. have an organizing principle
  8. be free and let go of your fear and get out of your comfort zone

Recognize the state of being you are finding ourself
Accept acknowledge and allow the situation/experience be the way how it is, be the way you are
Investigate your emotional and mental state and ask questions
Non-Identification – what is the body, mind and emotion – are you ‘that’