discovered self for resiliency

“we should also recognize that full participation in the battle of life is what produces meaning and fulfillment.”
“we can choose how we face up to the battle of life and depending on our chosen approach the hard life can become a good life.”
“the more we avoid life’s challenges, the less we live”
“Unlived life is a destructive, irresistible force that works softly but inexorably (Impossible to stop, alter, or resist; inevitable).”-Carl Jung, Civilization in Transition
“we must be willing to face up to our battles with the adaptivity that best promotes success.”
can i escape laziness and fear

pre-fabricated self (self-concept is tied to external things)
discovered self (cultivated through the development of internal virtues, skills, character traits, and other personal capacities,who we become as we actualize our latent potentials and develop our unique capacities in interaction with the world, With a strong inner sense of who you are, you can easily adapt to and thrive in new environments.)

“Not being able to govern events, I govern myself, and if they will not adapt to me, I adapt to them.”  Montaigne, Of Presumption

cultivation of a discovered self is to find a life purpose or mission and to orient our days around its pursuit. whatever we choose, our purpose must be challenging and inspiring, and it should be chosen by us, not for us. 

“When we find a purpose and begin living the purposeful life our discovered self begins to emerge. For with a purpose we are confronted daily with new tasks and challenges and so we create an ideal training ground for our self-development. When we live with purpose, in other words, we expand our skills and capacities voluntarily, not only when forced to, and in the process we actualize our potentials and unearth the discovered self.  “

“Social uncertainty is clouding our future, tyranny is intensifying across the globe, and our ability to live free and economically prosperous lives is under grave threat. And so while living with a purpose and cultivating a discovered self is a wise choice even at times of social stability, as it promotes greatness of self, in our generation it may be the difference between thriving in tumultuous times versus merely suffering in response to the chaos that swirls around us”